The Valley District 

  "Building Good Citizens" 

The Voice of the Valley is our quarterly newsletter showcasing all the great stuff going on in the district. It also contains updates from our district leadership, a calendar of club events throughout the district and registration forms for district meetings.

It's great to read about what clubs have done or are planning to do so don't be bashful about tooting your clubs horn (need pictures too!)- Civitans do a lot of great projects, big and small, for our communities and don't forget your Fundraisers!


Got an idea you'd like some feedback on? Send it in and let's put it in front of other Civitans for feedback.

Tell us about Civtans in your club who have achieved a significant milestone, honor or recognition, photos are most welcome.


Text can be in "Word, Publisher or "PDF" formats and photos ".jpg" format,  384x287 pixels is the recommended size.


Club input received after an issue deadline may or may not be included. If not included it will be used in the next scheduled issue.

Voice of the Valley Publication Schedule

  Input Deadline
TBA, 2022
TBA, 2021

April 8, 2022


July 2, 2022