The Valley District

  "Building Good Citizens" 

Hello Civitan Friends,

At our District Convention in Owensboro, I had the great privilege and honor to be installed as your Valley Governor for 2016-17. I would like to thank ALL of you for the help and encouragement you’ve showered on me; I hope I can be worthy of it! 

Many thanks to Past-Governor Steve Teasley and the Owensboro Civitan Club for their great hospitality.  It was a beautiful place; we had great food and much fun. Thank you for helping with the mini-school supplies project our Juniors held. Aren’t they just the Greatest and they have a great Junior Chair in Gena Albertia too.  Also, thank you to all the folks who have stepped up to be part of our Valley Centennial Leadership.  You will find them listed later in this newsletter.

I would like to challenge your club to do something in celebration of our Centennial.  Perhaps it could be 100 dictionaries distributed,100 trees planted in your park, or a time-line in the local paper or cable TV spotlighting your club’s and International’s activities that have helped your community.  I have long felt that Civitan is the best kept secret in our communities, so I encourage you to ‘toot your horn’ a bit this year and let your community know what you do and have done.  I would also like to encourage you to have a Centennial Celebration…some sort of party or event to show-case Civitan.  International is to have a list of activities/suggestions, etc. on the web-site ( so check it out!

The Centennial International Convention will be in Birmingham, Alabama June 24-27, 2017. Junior Civitan will also hold its International Convention simultaneously and many interesting, fun events are being planned.  Now for the BEST Part!  If you get your reservation in for the convention by Nov. 15, 2016 the cost for all Non-ticketed events will be $100 in honor of our Centennial.  If you wish to attend the Ticketed Events (basically Food events) the cost is $190.  The price greatly increases after Nov. 15, so go to the web-site and sign-up ASAP and bring those Juniors too!

In closing, you might want to check-out the beautiful Centennial Throw that is being offered by International.  It’s a once in a life-time deal for$50.  You will find more details later in this newsletter.

Keep me informed of your activities; I want to visit as many clubs as I can.