The Valley District 

  "Building Good Citizens" 

Valley District Foundation - Grants and Scholarships

The Valley District Foundation is a non-profit corporation that seeks to encourage and recognize good citizenship; to develop understanding of basic human freedoms; to provide scholarships in higher education, vocational training, and special education; and to support work in health fields with special emphasis on service to citizens who are mentally and/or physically challenged.

The Foundation awards grants to community agencies and Civitan clubs in the district for joint projects that benefit the community.   The Foundation also awards several scholarships including the Charlie Baker Scholarship, the JF & Earlene Burney Scholarship, and the Leroy Parks Scholarship.   The Charlie Baker scholarship may be awarded to a student meeting the criteria who is enrolled at any college or university in the District.  The JF Burney Scholarship must be awarded to a student attending Austin Peay State University.   The Leroy Parks Scholarship must be awarded to a student with disabilities who is attending Austin Peay State University. 

The application form for grants as well as the application forms for the Baker and Burney scholarships may be found at the links below.   The application for the Parks scholarship may be found on the Austin Peay State University web site.  Note that the files at these links below are PDF files that must be printed, completed, and mailed.These forms may not be filled out on line.

Grants and scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Both grant and scholarship applications must be e-mailed before March 1st, 2022